Choir Testimonials

"I joined Holme Valley Singers about 9 months ago after attending an 'Open Rehearsal'. Everyone in the choir was very friendly and welcoming. I don't read music very well but find I can manage OK by listening and attending rehearsals regularly. The Choir has a good repertoire of music and is professional yet friendly - I would encourage anyone to join!"

"I have been a member of Holme Valley Singers for some 20 years or more, during which time I have taken part in many performances both in concert and competition. These are always rewarding experiences particularly from a musical point of view. The wide range of music in the Choir's repertoire appeals to singers and listeners alike and continues to give me great satisfaction and pleasure.

Weekly practices are always undertaken in a relaxed and enjoyable manner and atmosphere, with the objective to achieve a high standard of performance. I have no formal training or education in music but with the benefit of experience with the Choir I do not find this to be a problem and I am able to sight-read to an acceptable standard.

I continue to enjoy the companionship and making of music with the Choir and the friendly atmosphere in which that takes place."

"I have been a member of the Choir since 1977. I loved singing as a child and took up the opportunity to carry on my interest in adulthood. As I don't read music I have to listen well to learn my part, then I'm fine.

I get a lot out of choir and find the singing and friendship, enjoyable and therapeutic."

"I joined the Holme Valley Singers just over 2 years ago. When I was younger I sang solos in Church and was in school choirs and productions. I took piano exams up to Grade 6 and therefore can sight-read well, but apart from tinkling on the piano every now and then for my own pleasure, did nothing really musical from then until about 3 years ago when I joined a community choir with my daughter. I realised then that I wanted more of a challenge and when my children were old enough to leave alone I joined Holme Valley Singers. I love singing with them as they are not too serious, we have a laugh, and have a great variety of music, something for everyone I think, but I especially like the modern popular pieces.  The musical director, Kim, is full of energy and a great conductor!"

"I worked with Alan (Simmons) and sang in his school choir so became one of the founder members of Holme Valley Singers. I just enjoy the variety of the repertoire and the fun and laughter at rehearsal. I can read music but still prefer to hear the parts on the piano.
Singing is good for all."